Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Welcom! A day in the life! The last month of the year! A season for all seasons - a moment in time to reflect on the past...

Our thoughts turn at this time of year to family - friends and the giving of gifts! Each year end celebration brings its own glorious traditions to the table literally! The carefully prepared foods - the candy the cakes the pies - the strudels the sweet breads and pastries - remind us of times long ago and far away.  Times which in our minds eye we see joy and peace sprinkled with a winter-wonderland aglow in love!

 Moments celebrated by all people - all faiths - all cultures.  Peace on earth - no longer just a phrase we say - but a true reality in time...  Even if just for a moment!  We dream. We laugh. We sing songs to a baby - born a king! We honor the hope of peace on earth!

It is that time of year again! Join in the festive spirit and be merry!  The problems of life will still be around in the new year...  But this moment was made for peace and joy!  So forget your sorrows and dance the night away! Lift a toast to the Lord of Love - and Christmas merry!  Blessed Eid! Happy Hanukah! And to all a good night! 🎉🎁


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Looking Within...

    Looking Within...

In a world where all we know is what we experience with our senses it is easy to get lost in sensory overload and begin to shut down.  Shut down to the real essence.  To the real beauty in all things.  When we stop trying to mold the world into our own making and we let ourselves go instead deep within - we begin to appreciate the little things.  The things that make us smile. The way the ocean turns on itself creating a rainbow dipped wave.

We see what is there when what is not there is sometimes more important.  Like a cup, usefulness comes from the space created within.  Too many times we fill our lives with many things in an attempt to find meaning and purpose in all we do.  Sometimes it's best to "empty our cup" and just let the wind fill our sails.

Inch by inch - mile by mile, our time to shine is dimming!  Just now, we need to find that inner light we all possess, and throw open the blinds of our heartaches and just let our vision sparkle anew.  It is never to late to start over!  Life is always here for us; until it's not!

So, just now resolve to bask in the glow of the setting sun.  Enjoy the simple things in life.  And then find someone to share in your new found joy!  Smile! Laugh! Love!...From the inside OUT!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fall In Love!

2016!  A year that can only be seen as one of the most unpredictable in modern times.  So many issues to deal with which up until now were only in the background of a fanciful world gone amock!
ISIS ISOL Taliban Terrorism... Horrors on a scale that   that most cannot fathom!  The insatiable desire of insanity carried out by an insane world driven by insane ideology; which cannot be addressed or touched by the political or religious bigots we find ourselves surrounded by.

Why is this the case?  In the 21st Century - when advancements in science and education have seemed to elevate us far above this stone-age thinking of eons past!  And yet the serpents ugly head rises to meet the most sophisticated weapons of all time.  War has become a fine art.  Killing has made its way to center stage...

In this world - Blessed are the peacemakers - seems to be about the farthest thing from true reality.  We look for the myst to rise - the smoke to clear so we can once again see clearly... Yet here we sit in a pile of disjointed thoughts and endless feelings of helplessness.  Where did we go so wrong?

The only way to find our way is to make a break with the routine - to step back from the brink of chaos and to look around at what is left.  Close our eyes and to let go.....

                        Close your eyes
                         Fall in love
                         Stay there!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Christmas in April...

I am in the mood for a holiday!  Not just any holiday...  But a day like Christmas!  You know, when everybody gets happy and seems to let go of their bitterness and goodwill is in the air.  A moment in time when all the world believes in a fantasy we call Father Christmas!  Santa Claus... The merry old man who lives at the North Pole.  Even the military and NORAD get into the spirit and let kids everywhere know how Santa is flying through the air delivering presents to all the good little boys and girls.

Ah! Christmas!  Why can't every day be like that?  There would be no wars.  No hate. No sadness.  Only joy, peace, cheer and goodwill to all.  If we would just live life "one day at a time."  Then every day could be like Christmas.  Why not?

Merry Christmas!  And to all a good night!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunrise... Sunset...

Ever notice how you cannot tell a sunrise from a sunset in a picture?  The beauty is always the thing we appreciate.  The direction of the view only comes to us as we compare the surroundings to some known object.  If such an object does not exist we simply cannot tell what we are exactly looking at.  Sunrise? Sunset!

Nature offers us a glimpse into our own lives.  We cannot always tell the difference between our horizons.  It might be morning and the start of some new day in our experience in our life.  Or, it might be the last ray of hope we will ever see!

It is at these times of hazy shades of endless light  that we sometimes seem to wander away from our true self.  In times like these, our sense of reality is often shattered.  We start to wonder was it all really worth it?  We start looking for some indication that our sunset is really just a grand sunrise!  We rationalize our realities away.

Instead, we need to let the wind blow and just enjoy the view.  Others may laugh at us!  Others may scoff!  But the time we spend taking in the beauty of the whole experience is the moment we enter into the true meaning of what it is to be alive.  To be free.  To be human!

So, sunset or sunrise - Take the time to feel the warmth of the sun and let joy wash over you like an oncean wave!  Life is beautiful!

Monday, March 2, 2015

At The Rainbows Edge...

Time... There is always time to stop!  Realize that this moment - that today is all we have now.  This is our time to act. To be true.

Place - This spot in time is our place now.  it is ours to cherish.  To nourish.  Own it!

Belonging - To belong to the here and now is our gift- our present. The few fleeting moments we share we give of our heart.  We know so little and yet we desire so much!  It is what we live for and it is what dreams are made of...

Emptiness - Our quest for answers is rooted in our desire to know.  "Be still and know!..."  Empty your life of all of its clutter!  Return to nothingness!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Moment by Moment

Dancing Dream

Have you ever wondered why life is the way it is?  I mean like what makes something happen?  Is it all just a game of chance?  Or is there some logical rationale to the things that happen moment by moment.  Are we just little cells all looped together beating in unison or is their an intelligent design to the way in which our lives are shaped?  As I look around at the world I live in I see different people with different mindsets,  All trying to get ahead or be noticed for some reason or another.  Then there are those that have no obvious purpose in what they are doing.  Like untrained animals they just forage through life trying to get a free meal while destroying everything they touch!  is that just by chance that these people exist?  Do we serve a higher purpose?  What happens to us after the lights go out and we are gone?  What difference did our lives make?  Why do we see some people as "good"  and some people as "bad"?   Does society really get to dictate what and how we think?

It has been said, "You observe a lot by watching..."  Take a look at yourself!  Do you like what you see?  Are you happy with who you are?  Has your life been one of mere existence or can you point to those times that the world has been blessed by your participation in it?   Innocence is lost in many ways.  Life has handed out its share of bad apples!  But how we approach life with all its inconsistencies and troubles determines our role in the game.  Yes life is a game!  A game of life and death.  A game of "catch me if you can!"  A place where only the strong survive!  And yet we keep looking for more!  More pleasure.  More Fun.  More! More! More!

Maybe what we need is less!  Less stress.  Less attachments to things.  Less concern for our own legacy...  Look around!  What do you see?  The changes you desire to see in others starts with "the man in the mirror."  That face staring back at you.  Yes - YOU!  It is just that complex.  It is just that simple!  Everything rises or falls because you can perceive it.  If you can dream it you can create it.  So dream big!  Dream well.   Dream pretty and good! But never stop dreaming.  Because when you stop dreaming - you're DEAD!