Monday, March 12, 2018

Isn't She Lovely!

In every life there is a certain "wow!" factor.  Something that just jumps out at you and takes your breath away.  Sometimes it is obvious and sometimes subtle.  But if we take the time to look and ponder we will begin to feel and know what it is that keeps us coming back for more.

In this life we see what we want to see.  The beautiful and the ugly.  The sublime and the profound.  Sometimes we recoil in horror and sometimes from fear.  But always the chance is there that we will take in the moment and experience what it is that the moment has for us to experience.  Never be too quick to write off the book because of its cover. Take the time to understand the real essence behind every emotional outburst we feel.  Remember an open mind is a mind which can see beauty where others see only pain.  Take the time to observe and appreciate life's wrinkles and uneasy spaces.  If we do this, we will come away with a smile on our face and a song in our heart.

...That's the way love goes!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Life! Life is about choices.  We first must think before we act.  The idea is fundamental to... life.  We say, "I wasn't thinking!", when we do something we wish we hadn't.  But that can't really be as it takes thought to produce actions.  The more a thought is repeated the deeper the reflex is made which causes the action to appear spontaneous.  Reflexes are actions which are caused by electrical connections which are sometimes involuntary muscle movements like a twitch.  But these actions can hardly be called meaningful acts resulting in anything resembling structured creative movement.  Thoughts must be involved if the end result of an action is to be recognized as structurally balanced and meaningful.

Life has a way of bringing us to our senses or our knees!  Given enough time we find ourselves wishing we had listened to the sound advice of a parent or friend.  We learn by making mistakes.  But we can also learn by choosing to choose!  Choosing things which can bring others happiness. Choosing to live our lives by the Golden Rule - Dealing with others as we wish they would deal with us.  Putting the other person first before our own desires and wants.  Seeking the high road instead of confrontation.  Knowing when to stand our ground and when to let go.  All choices.

In life we have all the time in the world to live.  But in living we must make instant choices for better or for worse.  It is a risk we must accept.  To be ignorant of this detail is to live a life of loss and despair.  A life filled with doom and gloom.  Nothing can take the place of thinking thoughts.  What thoughts a person thinks ends up shaping the person.  Life choices are sometimes small - sometimes profound.  In all situations we should stop and think.  Choose!  Create a sense of purpose!  Life is about choices... Choose carefully!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

If you ask me…

“The wind blows where it wants and you hear the sound of it, but you know not where it comes from or where it goes…”

Somewhere in the deep recesses of the mind, the substance which makes faith a reality quietly waits. In a world where speculation and “anything goes” free thinking has been held up as intellectual science, and media pundits question the very fabric of what used to be considered sacred ground –

if you ask me, the fate of nations and the fate of all living things hang in the balance… The idea that all things are questionable and ultimately unknown, makes for some very interesting conclusions about life itself. Opinions about everything circulate through the air like the leaves of autumn falling to the ground; after a storm. Wisdom’s lore is lost on an age of personal enlightenment which in most instances has trumped all past belief systems. The ability to pontificate about the smallest insignificant data has become a high art form. What we once thought was untouchable has become fodder for the fires of cynics and theologians alike.

If you ask me – the light of truth no longer is reflected in the minds and hearts of societies leaders and socially acceptable belief systems. “Whatsoever things are true”… What once was thought of as true and right, no longer holds the same importance within the halls of higher education – be it private or public. Instead what we see is a modern day “textural criticism” which resembles the noodles in alphabet soup! Long gone is the notion that the truth is actually knowable. Long gone is the idea that rational people can have a faith which is built on solid, factual information. The world is awash in reality hysteria, while the floodwaters akin to the Great Deluge is drowning all attempts to bring the truth to the forefront of intellectual understanding. “Be still and know…” The simplest things in life can shed great light on our spiritual journey and life itself.

If you ask me – it all comes down to one irrefutable notion called love. When we stop to think about love – and we let go of all thoughts and all obstacles which we have placed in front of love – it is then and only then that life takes on a true sense of what it means to be alive. It is the path walked by all the past sages and masters in time. It is the one notion which brings all other ideas to the forefront. It is the wisdom which passes all understanding… “…And so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 - Arise and Shine!

Aiki-jujutsu In Motion!
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Cheers!  Whatever you call it, This time of year is the beginning of the end - the path to a new beginning - a new year - a new start to find ourselves.  It is this time of year when people start to be merry and celebrate their new found joy that the world is celebrating almost in unison, the newness of life, hope  and gratitude of all things present.  Presents. Gift-giving.  Congratulations are in the air - in the  very vapor we breathe!  The angels of yuletide hallelujahs can almost be heard in the newborn's cries.  A moment when time seems to stand still and all voices ring out the joy of the season in every corner of the earth - or so it seems.

What the art of war teaches us - is that the motion created by life is a force which can turn the tide in a way which is useful or not.  Good and bad are extractions of perspective - but motion is the result of inner strength displayed in a directed and useful way.  The way of peace involves a sword - a need to cut ourselves out of the fabric which holds us bound to the non-essentials in life.  Timing teaches us to choose carefully - sifting through the options before us - and choosing the best course to pursue.  When we open our hearts to the inner solitude in life - when we take the time to calm our thoughts and chase away the sadness - just taking in the reality of the stillness we now find ourselves in - it is at that moment -  that the Spirit arises and permeates our whole being.  "Be still and know..."  

Listen to your heart.  Feel the world around you beating out a chorus of joyful sounds.  Be inspired to step into the river of life and be cleansed of your fears and sadness.  Your sorrows are fleeting.  Let them go!  Immerse yourself in the wisdom that comes from that place of quietude and joy.  Arise and shine - for your time is NOW!  Have faith!  Be Blessed!  Happy! Happy!! ... And to all a very Merry Merry!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Keeping it REAL!

In a world full of chaos and people who know nothing about the future or their place in it, we have beauty to remind us that life is beautiful and that we can achieve our Destiny in time.  We all have the same moment in time to change our course and thereby change the direction of our life...
To make different choices and to see life for what it really can be.  We believe.  We have faith simply because all of life requires a quiet knowing that, without beauty, life ceases to have meaning and purpose.  We need to believe in something greater than the present moment.  We see ourselves as who we can be.  We see the beauty because we have seen the other side.  The world of peace and love.  The world of splendor. The world of our dreams.

Dream BIG!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Welcom! A day in the life! The last month of the year! A season for all seasons - a moment in time to reflect on the past...

Our thoughts turn at this time of year to family - friends and the giving of gifts! Each year end celebration brings its own glorious traditions to the table literally! The carefully prepared foods - the candy the cakes the pies - the strudels the sweet breads and pastries - remind us of times long ago and far away.  Times which in our minds eye we see joy and peace sprinkled with a winter-wonderland aglow in love!

 Moments celebrated by all people - all faiths - all cultures.  Peace on earth - no longer just a phrase we say - but a true reality in time...  Even if just for a moment!  We dream. We laugh. We sing songs to a baby - born a king! We honor the hope of peace on earth!

It is that time of year again! Join in the festive spirit and be merry!  The problems of life will still be around in the new year...  But this moment was made for peace and joy!  So forget your sorrows and dance the night away! Lift a toast to the Lord of Love - and Christmas merry!  Blessed Eid! Happy Hanukah! And to all a good night! 🎉🎁


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Looking Within...

    Looking Within...

In a world where all we know is what we experience with our senses it is easy to get lost in sensory overload and begin to shut down.  Shut down to the real essence.  To the real beauty in all things.  When we stop trying to mold the world into our own making and we let ourselves go instead deep within - we begin to appreciate the little things.  The things that make us smile. The way the ocean turns on itself creating a rainbow dipped wave.

We see what is there when what is not there is sometimes more important.  Like a cup, usefulness comes from the space created within.  Too many times we fill our lives with many things in an attempt to find meaning and purpose in all we do.  Sometimes it's best to "empty our cup" and just let the wind fill our sails.

Inch by inch - mile by mile, our time to shine is dimming!  Just now, we need to find that inner light we all possess, and throw open the blinds of our heartaches and just let our vision sparkle anew.  It is never to late to start over!  Life is always here for us; until it's not!

So, just now resolve to bask in the glow of the setting sun.  Enjoy the simple things in life.  And then find someone to share in your new found joy!  Smile! Laugh! Love!...From the inside OUT!